Screened Concrete Sand

Use our screened and washed concrete sand with a purchased portland cement mix to create superior quality concrete.

Rail Ballast

Also known as #3 Ballast, these gray stones can be used for creating logging roads, temporary roads, or driveways where a wet or damp area requires a larger stone to help stabilize the foundation.

#4.5 Ballast

Clear Stone

These small 13MM screened stones are commonly used for topping driveways, pipe bedding and the production of surface asphalt.  Screening the stones allows for great drainage.

Weeping Tile Stone

Also known as 19 MM or clear stones, these small colourful stones are great for drainage which makes it the perfect stone for covering weeping tiles. They can also be used as decoration in a garden or around a patio. They are also sometimes used in the production of base asphalt.

Granular A

Also known as 1” Minus, these 1” stones are mainly used for building driveways and the construction of gravel roads.

Crusher Run

Also known as Granular B Type 2 or 2” Minus, these stones are 2 ½” in size and provide structural stability. It is usually used in road building, parking lots and driveway construction.

Quarried Screenings