Located in Greater Sudbury, we manufacture a wide range of concrete and aggregate products for industrial, commercial and residential clients in Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas.

We provide a proven product, along with the right expertise to help you finish your project efficiently and cost effectively.

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Est. 1935

Concrete Products

At Fisher Wavy, we manufacture and sell the best concrete products on the market to get the job done right.  We offer a full range of concrete products including ready-mix, sand & aggregate, shotcrete, residential landscaping, bagged products, blocks, precast, concrete restoration/repair, sandblasting, parts and equipment.  Fisher Wavy is one of Canada’s leading independent ready-mix concrete manufacturers. Using locally sourced raw materials, we produce a superior product in terms of strength and durability, which exceeds many ready-mix concrete solutions available on the market today.

Our Products